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Senorita in Spain!

What a way to travel!!! OMG no stress, everything just flowed, everything organised. Don’t think about it just do it. New friends and lots of fun!! best decision ever xx

Carol C Europe

I’ve been travelling wth SWT for 10 years!

The best decision I made 10 years ago was to travel with Sisterhood, after several trips and still more to come. Simply awesome!

Tracey M Asia

Wonderful holiday

Another wonderful holiday with Sisterhood Womens Travel. We were looked after beautifully, all care taken to accommodate our needs. Hayley was kind, and local guides excellent and very helpful.

Fiona T South East Asia

I love my Sisterhood travels

I love travelling with Sisterhood as the tour groups are small, hostesses are fantastic, destinations are wide and varied and I’ve travelled to places I would never have gone by myself such as India and Bali. Accommodation is usually centrally located. Experienced hostesses travel with you from Australia and this allows travellers to step out of their comfort zone and travel to different destinations. I have travelled extensively but some of the places I’ve visited have been due to with Sisterhood was because of having a hostess. Hayley and her team are great to deal with and nothing is to much trouble. I have made many new friendships through Sisterhood.

Michelle B Asia

Lovely Group Testimonial - Free & Easy Bali - May 2024

Hayley - I have been asked to say some words to express our gratitude to you and the team of Sisterhood Womens Travel for this wonderful holiday to Bali.

You have enabled us within the security of this group to absorb the culture and vibrancy of Bali.

You have tailor-made this tour to allow us to appreciate the community of people who live here and call Bali home. The Balinese people have opened their arms and hearts to each of us and shared everything Bali from …. Mountains, waterfalls, rice paddies, bustling markets, sunlit beaches and tranquil temples.

We have learned on this journey that our tummy’s hold our emotions and that we need to open our minds and hearts to release our fears, our worries, and to draw in the harmony and peace of Bali and the spirituality that surrounds us.

It is because of you, Hayley with your kind and approachable nature that has guided us, that elevates our experiences and create special moments.

You have taken your passion for travel developing a company that truly enriches women’s lives.

11 days ago most of us met as strangers but I can confidently say that we part as friends and sisters, who have bonded together to take home with us happy memories and a piece of Bali that will stay with us forever

Thank you Hayley.

Free & Easy Bali Sisters Indonesia (Bali)

Thanks a million Sisterhood Womens Travel

Thankyou Sisterhood for making my dream holiday come true. Denise was a fantastic tour hostess, the ladies were amazing. I have made new friends and my room mate Leonie will be my future traveling buddy as I don’t have anybody to travel with. We all had so many laughs along the way and if asked would I do it again - Hell Yeah!

Debra N East Africa

European Rivers - my trip of a lifetime!

I returned 2 weeks ago from the ‘trip of a lifetime’. I shared this experience with 15 other women. Paris, Prague and the Rhine Cruise was amazing, fabulous and wonderful. Yes, it was…. no exaggeration. However, it was the companionship and shared experiences of those 15 women as well as their wit and laughter that made the tour so memorable. The 25 days we spent together both enriched and informed my life more than I ever thought possible and I hold those memories very dear. Special thanks to Dawn - our hostess - for her kindness, patience and sense of humour.

Michelle M Central Europe

Ireland - Escape to the Emerald Isle 2023

Travelling to Ireland was my fourth Sisterhood trip and once again ticked all the boxes for me. Many of my friends had been to Ireland, usually tacked on to a UK trip. Our hostess, Denise said she wanted to share her ‘beloved Ireland’ with us. and in three weeks she shared the history, culture and scenic diversity of this beautiful country. As friendships developed our days were filled with laughter and the joy of all things Irish. There were just so many WOW moments! My only dilemma is …where to next?

Lyn K United Kingdom

Ghan and Kakadu Tour 2023

​​​This was my first time with the Sisterhood. I had two pinch me moments. The beautiful sunsets of the Northern Territory. Each time I took a photo my thought was I can’t better that until the next sunset and another amazing one. The other was realising that I have been brave enough to attempt to travel again after losing my darling man. Sisterhood has made this possible for me. Thank you so much!

Julie - June 2023 Australia

Thumbs up for Norfolk Island Sisters

After 60 years of international travel, I think the group which has just returned from Norfolk Island was probably the happiest, most cohesive I have ever been part of.

June L - February 2023 Australia

First Time Sisterhood Traveller’s take on Sisterhood Womens Travel

​As a first time “Sister”, I enjoyed sharing my experience with Founder Hayley Morris during our Free & Easy Bali getaway.


Deb L Indonesia (Bali)

What I enjoy about Sisterhood Womens Travel

​Having just returned from Sisterhood’s Free & Easy Bali, I was happy to chat to founder Hayley Morris about what I enjoy about Sisterhood Womens Travel.


Judith W Indonesia (Bali)

Thanks for the Postcard - adding to my collection!

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for my Singapore Fling postcard I absolutely love it, It takes pride of place on my fridge with my other Postcards from my Sisterhood travels. Thanks so much for your great tours!

Denise C Asia

Travelling with Sisterhood Inspires Me!

I have loved every minute being with the Sisterhood. I think you are amazing in all that you do for others. You touch so many girls lives for the better. When I feel I don’t have the courage to be out of my comfort zone when challenged, I remind myself that I belong to SWT and have learnt to be strong and proud to be a woman that has an attitude of “I CAN DO THIS’. I feel stronger for what we teach each other from Sisterhood when travelling getting to know each other. After our holiday we come home in a far better frame of mind where we can contribute to family and society in an uplifting manner. Hayley you and the Sisterhood staff including the Hostesses are the best!

J Sprague Mediterranean

Sisterhood Friends and Coping with COVID

Hello Hayley, I was thinking about 2020, lockdown and life in general. I think a lifesaver for me is the fantastic network of women I have met on my get-togethers and travels with Sisterhood. I retired in 2012 and my first trip was Morocco. It was just a wonderful experience followed by Japan, Cook Islands, India,Turkey and recently Vietnam and Cambodia.

They have all been wonderful trips, so many experiences and learning so much about other cultures, food, art, religion and generally how different cultures live.

So 2020 was a time of reflection, lovely memories, and the support of the wonderful ‘Sisters’ I have met through Sisterhood. In 2020 we used WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook, email, House Party and Messenger to stay connected to each other. Supporting each other and we still are!

Because of your hard work and that of your lovely staff, hostesses and tour guides I have actually loved my connections and they have kept me well. I cannot thank you all enough for the fantastic service you have provided myself and to so many other Sisters. Keep well, I am sure many will continue to support Sisterhood. Cheers. Sue Walsh

Sue Walsh Middle East & Northern Africa

Thank you Sisterhood

I want to thank you for your encouragement you gave me to join the Lapland/ Northern Lights trip this year - even though it came to a sudden halt.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Denise and the ladies on tour- the laughs, their companionship and the many new experiences we shared. It has become even more special in the context of this new COVID world we have been living in.

It’s been a valuable lesson that we don’t know what lies ahead and, while there must be a balance, there’s a lot to be said for seizing the moment .........so thank you for helping me seize my moment at what has turned out to be the perfect time!

Carmel W, Kingston NSW Russia

Surviving COVID-19 with my Sisters!

”... Thank god for the wonderful sisters I have met over the years travelling with the Sisterhood. I would not have been able to get through the lockdown without the daily support of sisters on what’s app and other social media. It has been a lifesaver and have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the stories shared amongst us. Thanks Hayley for arranging such wonderful trips and memories for us all….” Sue Walsh, Victoria

Sue Walsh Mediterranean

Greek Islands 2019 - Mamma Mia!

​A caring, supportive, well organised group to share a holiday with!

Louise B, Albury, NSW Mediterranean

Gorgeous Greek Islands 2019

I was annoyed and frustrated at being ignored as a single woman on tours with couples. So I looked for women only tours and came across Sisterhood Womens Travel. Having just returned from the Gorgeous Greek Islands tour I travelled with an amazing group of women, so willing to share their life stories (both happy and sad). The banter with each other as if we’d been friends for forever - ‘Amazing’!

Dawn our Sisterhood hostess is a caring, beautiful lady who I’m hoping to have as a friend for life - just the best!

Aileen E, Moolap Victoria Mediterranean

Winter Warmer Weekend and Mid Year Get Together

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent pampering Winter Warmer weekend you organised. I loved it and look forward to the next one. Very well organised and great value for money.

Trilby R - Melbourne Australia

Norfolk Island Tour 2019

Personally, it was perfect 12/10! I wouldn’t change a thing. I have had the most amazing experience ever. I’ll be back!

Lily - Warnambool VIC Australia

Norfolk Island 2019

​16 wonderful ladies to enjoy my tour with! I felt energised but also relaxed.

Jan Junortoun Victoria Australia

A Fabulous Market & Silo Mini Break

Thank you for a lovely weekend, I had a great time, and what great company! Such a friendly group of women, a most enjoyable experience, and I will definitely be doing more trips.

Dorothy - Bacchus Marsh Australia

Uganda - My Dream Tour 2018

Thank you for the amazing trip to Uganda! As you know I had very high hopes for the trip including lofty expectations of coming animal encounters. Well my expectations were exceeded and will stay with me forever even when I’m senile and loopy! I talked a big game about seeing the gorillas and chimpanzees but the experiences were beyond my wildest dreams. This was my first trip with Sisterhood and it will not be my last. The whole 13 days were well planned and enjoyable which is not easy to achieve in a country like Uganda. On a personal level, Donna was my personal photographer for our chimpanzee encounter which allowed me to just soak up the experience and Hayley you got me out of the forest like my own personal trainer, for these things I thank you both. You are both professional, calm and fun to be with, so again I thank you. For anyone thinking about Uganda next year …do it!! It was a trip of a lifetime with new sisters and a fabulous travel company.

Jennie K Southern & Central Africa

Cook Island Truly a Delight!

I would like to thank you Hayley, for enabling me to go on the Cook Island Tour. The other girls were marvellous company and some of us have made arrangements to keep in touch. I would also like to congratulate Denise on a wonderful trip. When a crisis occurred she acted in a calm and professional manner in assisting the sister who got into trouble whilst snorkelling, whilst at the same time ensuring the rest of the sisters were well looked after. Somehow she also managed to enjoy our company and her role as our leader. Denise also managed to get me on an earlier flight which made my trip home so easy. The trips organised by yourself and your team stand out with all the arrangements being made for us and all we have to do is ‘follow our leader’. Once again, Hayley, thank you for making this trip possible for me. By the way, the value for money was excellent. Hoping to see you soon.

Joan Dillon South Pacific

Castles, Gardens & Palaces of the United Kingdom 2018

Sisterhood provided me with the opportunity to travel to the UK, but more importantly to share the experience and the excitement with some amazing women.

L Kay, Warranwood, Victoria United Kingdom

I was Shirley Valentine!​

I booked my first trip in 2012 and didn’t tell my husband until I was about to walk out the door. With my bags packed. I said to him “I’m going away for three weeks” and he said “see you when you get back”. I had done the Shirley Valentine thing! I envied him going away on boys trips hence my decision to start travelling with new friends. Fast forward to 2018 and I’ve been with Sisterhood seven times now. Make a decision and take the plunge and you will never regret it.

Happy travels!

Fran B, Ballarat Central Europe

How I found Sisterhood Womens Travel 2018

I was running my shop in Knoxfield Victoria where I designed and made bras and lingerie. Whilst fitting a lady she told me about Sisterhood Womens Travel, I had no intention of retiring at that stage but wrote it in my book of dreams. After I announced that I was closing the business and retiring, I took to asking my customers for ideas about what I could do in retirement. Sisterhood Women’s Travel came up a number of times. As I am on my own and didn’t have anyone to travel with I thought it sounded perfect for me. I spoke to Hayley about a European river cruise with Paris, Prague, and Italy extension. She was very easy to talk to and was so knowledgeable about the destinations that I felt safe and decided to give it a go. It was a trip of a lifetime and was great to have someone to inspire you with suggestions of things you could do on the leisure days and make everything as easy and pleasurable as possible. I have enjoyed the get togethers she arranges for the sisters, ie: Xmas in July, Xmas party, smartphone photography workshop, and monthly morning teas. The Stoney Creek Races mini break was fun. I am booked to do the French pop up tour this year and am looking at another trip later in the year. I am 73 and find travelling with Sisterhood makes me feel safe and more adventurous. Thanks Hayley and Sim, Denise, and Donna I have no hesitation in recommending Sisterhood Womens Travel to any woman thinking of travelling.

Marg M Mediterranean

Finding Sisterhood Womens Travel 2018

I didn’t ‘find’ Sisterhood, it found me, at a point in my life when parts of me were imploding and I needed something… a girlfriend at work said she’d booked to go to Italy and my husband said “Go!”What I got was an incredible opportunity to meet dynamic and amazing women who were all choosing to embrace travel and the chance that presented to see a glimpse of another world, another lifestyle and celebrate life. Accompanying me were dreamers, photographers, explorers, hikers, historians and connoisseurs of life. They loved wine, a cup of tea, food, shopping, sunrises and sunsets. Did I say shopping? We were a group of women that each sought something different from their adventure and we all found it together. And along the way we found friends and acquaintances who I have fondly tucked inside my heart and make me smile when I recall a part of my Sisterhood adventure. Our guide was dynamic, knew the language, spent the evening before planning, troubleshooting, even walking to the next day’s meeting points so she had the lay of the land and ensuring we all got out of our city every bucket list dream we carried. But she was so much more, she worked out our nuances and gave us each what we needed. I was fortunate to meet Hayley. Sisterhood founder and facilitator of amazing adventures who delights in helping make all her girls’ dreams come true. She has helped give so many women their wings. And for me, a little piece of the world that I’d only dreamed of. Thanks again Hayley,

Carol xxx

C Dezius Mediterranean

My Journey with Sisterhood 2018

I had been travelling solo and with other tour companies for a number of years but found that some tours could be quite difficult socially if I was the only single woman when the other travellers were all married couples. Could be quite isolating at times. I decided to look for a women only tour company and found an advertisement in the over 50 magazine. Have had trips to Morocco, Japan, Cook Islands, and just loved the itineraries and enjoyed the company of many different women. Sisterhood has been an excellent travel company and would recommend to all women.

S Walsh Asia

What’s Stopping You?

Sisterhood gave me the opportunity I thought I’d never have - to travel to my dream destination of Morocco. I had a try-out trip interstate, then my"practice” overseas trip to Norfolk Island, then it was “lookout world…...I’m coming”, starting with Morocco. Ten years ago I never would have dreamt I’d get to see the places I’ve been to, and as a solo traveller, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to do this without Sisterhood. If you haven’t booked a trip yet, in the words from my son that got me going .....“what’s stopping you?”

Erin Collier Asia

Cook Islands 2017

This is my 7th trip with Sisterhood Womens Travel. ​Women Only is the way to go! New friends made and all ladies were courteous and mindful of each other. Sim our hostess - where do I start? From the airports, planes, meals, accommodation, arranging extra activities, Sim was always there, checking, caring and working very hard.

Gwenda Pearce South Pacific

Europe Rivers and Italy 2017

​I have had the best holiday anyone could ever wish for and would love to do another trip sometime. I would not hesitate in recommending Sisterhood to other travellers.

Rosalie Batten Central Europe

Spectacular European River Cruise & Italy Add On

Both tours were an amazing experience seamlessly orchestrated and a celebration of life under the expert and passionate guidance of Hayley Morris. I enjoyed the variation in activities, choice of accommodation and restaurants, commitment of service providers (local guides, driver of vehicle, cruise boat, food etc), knowledge, commitment and general demeanor of our travel guide. There is nothing that I didn’t enjoy… (Except for the steps in Paris) In my experience the best holiday I have been on…Very good value for money…Everything happened on time, as planned and seemingly without any effort at all (although obviously a lot of work went into assuring that). We had an excellent group of women, we felt like a group of friends enjoying the vast expanses of Europe and Italy with lots of positive energy. Hayley is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate, professional, kind, accommodating, gracious - everything one could ever wish for in a travel guide and I would say now a friend.

Madonna Doherty Central Europe

Loved our Cook Island Tour August 2017

Our break in the Cook Islands has left me feeling both relaxed and rested. Cook Island time surely helps you to slow down! I really
enjoyed the tour with a wonderful group of women. Sim was fantastic negotiating the very flexible itinerary for us. Will look forward to the next tour… the big decision is ‘where to’ ...

Bev O'Sullivan South Pacific

South Africa Tour 17

I have done 4 Sisterhood tours, each one of them was truly fabulous. (New York to New Orleans, Canada and Alaska, Croatia and Italy and now Southern Africa). Southern Africa was THE most amazing tour. We saw all the Big 5 - more than once and so many more animals than this. Victoria Falls was incredible and Cape Town was so picturesque. The accommodation was all perfect with Sabi Sabi an absolute highlight. It was pure luxury and the people so friendly and welcoming. As a vegetarian I had such lovely meals in all places ( I even sampled a worm at our Boma dinner) Denise was the most amazing hostess - she kept us together as a tight group. In our free time she arranged museum tours or markets or whatever was going, For our free meals she booked a restaurant and arranged a taxi there and back. It was so wonderful not to be on our own. You could join in or have the time at leisure - your choice. The tour was very well put together and needs very few improvements. You should pat yourself on the back for such a first class tour. It was all so perfect and I want to keep on repeating my past experiences every year. Keep up the good work - You are on to such a winner with both the Southern African tour and SISTERHOOD.

Thank you so much


Yvonne Bear, Ringwood Southern & Central Africa

South Africa 2017

Had a wonderful time on the holiday to Africa. Denise was fabulous making sure we stayed as a group With just the right amount of free time not too much but those that wanted a rest could get one If anyone had something they were interested in Denise did her best to arrange it Everyone got on well together and joined in with enthusiasm My favourite part was going on safari the guides and scouts were top rate. All hotels were excellent the food delicious. Had a great holiday Thanking you Marian Clark

Marian Clark, Seymour Southern & Central Africa

Cambodia & Vietnam Memories

​Our Tour Hostess Sim was just wonderful! Very helpful and caring and great fun. I loved Vietnam - another tick off my bucket list.

Sheila Madden, Glen Waverley Asia

Cambodia & Vietnam 2017

I absolutely loved my tour and commend Sisterhood on such a wonderful service

Christine Kelly, SA Asia

What I Love About Sisterhood Womens Travel

There is so much to love about Sisterhood Women’s Travel. I have been to many overseas locations I could previously only dream about, including the Greek Islands, Japan, China, Bali, and Canada/Alaska. I felt safe and encouraged with the expert arrangements and the support of the wonderful hostesses. I have made many new friends on these trips and on the exciting and varied mini-breaks, and the many enjoyable social occasions.

Thankyou Hayley and staff for a fabulous service bringing women together while sharing exciting adventures.

Sue B Vermont South USA & Canada

Cambodia Memories 2014

Fun. Excitement. Adventure. Wow Cambodia as I’d never known it. Hayley, her mother, daughter and US all went to Cambodia. Fabulous time with a group of women. Never bored either. Food delicious. Bargaining for beautiful silks. Hayley is organised and flexible with ideas too. I have the photos to prove it

Rosemary R, Mornington Asia

Sisterhood Sydney Cruise February 2017

Just wanted to thank you for the great trip I had away with Sisterhood, I enjoyed the cruise and loved Aladdin, Such a lovely group of ladies, I am looking forward to my next trip away.

Denise C Australia

Pacific Jewel Cruise Feb 2017

Thank you for a wonderful few days away. Jenny and I both enjoyed ourselves. Wonderful bunch of girls, still laughing to myself!

Irene K Australia

Thank you Sim!  Outback Rock & Rail Tour 2016

I just wanted to pass on what a wonderful time I had on the recent Outback R&R tour. Thank you for offering such a wonderful trip through Sisterhood Womens Travel. It really was memorable; the itinerary was varied and interesting and in particular the efforts and energy of Sim as our tour guide made the experience really extra special. Sim set the benchmark very high for all tour guides that may come my way. (this is my third escorted tour). Sim demonstrated patience, care, generosity of spirit, empathy for those less physically able, intelligence and good humour throughout the trip. She really went the extra mile in terms of service delivery. Sim’s positive sense of inclusivity,set the tone for the development of a strongly shared sense of care and community within the group. Her strong organisational skills, adaptability, and ability to think on her feet whilst always remaining calm made the difference between a good holiday and a really great one. Thanks again to both you and Sim. I am looking forward to another Sisterhood tour in the near future.

Cheryl, SA Australia

Japan Tour 2016

Our tour of Japan was just fabulous, our experience of the Japanese way of life both modern and traditional was great, we were lucky to experience the hot spring baths, staying in a traditional guest house and most of all the beauty of the Cherry Blossom everywhere. Our Stay in Singapore was fun also. Thank you for a great tour Sisterhood.

Julie 49 Asia

Japan Cherry Blossom Tour 2016

​This tour was well organised and gave a wonderful mix of experiences. Every day was fabulous and included something exceptional. The accommodation was outstanding. I would definitely choose Sisterhood Womens Travel again and am already looking forward to my next trip.

Bev, Fitzroy Asia

Cherry Blossoms of Japan

A great experience! I enjoyed the flower arranging and etiquette lesson, silk dyeing class, meeting a Geisha, the Hakone Air Museum and all the beautiful gardens.

Jenny - Japan 2016 Asia

Christmas Markets 2015 Tour

​A well planned tour. I really appreciated the thought that went into making my birthday such a joy! It is certainly one I will never forget. Thank you Hayley. Our travelling environment was a lot more enjoyable compared to other group travel experiences. A lot more relaxed, friendly and flexible.

Margaret H, Canberra Central Europe

Outstanding, Empowering Experience!

I was a very apprehensive first time solo traveller this year on a Sisterhood Womens Travel tour of Croatia and Italy. My friends and family were unable to travel with me and although I have the confidence to travel overseas by myself, I wanted to be able to share great destinations, amazing food and conversation with others. Travelling solo as a middle-aged female (I still feel 21, although not sure about my knees!) is not a future I look forward to, so I decided to join a Sisterhood Womens Travel tour. Well, I was impressed! This is a well organised and impressive tour company which provided me with an amazing holiday experience.

The tour arrangements are all taken care of, including airfares, outstanding accommodation, delicious meals, entrance fees into attractions and knowledgeable and passionate local guides. There is even a pre-tour meet and greet which is a marvellous introduction to your travelling companions. My hostess, Tania, was a treasure who had the ability to make everyone feel at ease and ensure that we had fun with lots of laughs. Tania facilitated flexibility into our tour through listening to us and offering extras such as a time to buy Italian leather shoes and bags (what I consider ‘a must do activity’) and skip one more cathedral to find a lovely bar or café in a secluded location or visit a small hilltop village away from the main tourist trail.

Previous experience had shown me that being a solo female traveller can be a lonely experience even on a group tour with clicky groups, families and couples. Sisterhood Womens Travel provided a small group tour of thirteen like-minded women and allowed us to immerse ourselves into different cultures. We explored beautiful and exotic cities and small towns, sometimes as a group or as small friendship groupings and occasionally, through my own choice, by myself. I found this flexibility to be outstanding as there were things on free days that I just wanted to visit by myself, such as sitting in a church cemetery on the top of a hill in Croatia admiring the outstanding views and taking photos of local architecture. I always knew that the group would meet at the end of the day and share great food, wine, stories, laughs and photos in a restaurant or café in a perfect setting. I always felt safe and knew that I was not alone.

My holiday with Sisterhood has been an outstanding empowering experience that I will certainly enjoy again in the near future. The one drawback is the amazing choice of tours around the world that SWT offers annually. Thank you Sisterhood Womens Travel.

My big dilemma…where to next?

Sue G Central Europe

Tropical Reef & Rainforest Tour

Pam our tour hostess was amazing, kind and considerate and always there. The experiences and I spent with these amazing women are to be treasured!

Liz J Australia

I loved the Queensland Reef and Rain Adventure - September 2015

The convenience of not needing to organise anything - all things included! I never felt lonely and always enjoyed chatting, laughing and the companionship of the other ladies.

Wilma D Australia

Noelene Vietnam 2011

The thing I enjoyed the most was not having to organise anything. Fiona was scrupulous in her duties and very kind and caring in her attitude. A very good first time experience. A relaxing and lovely holiday in enchanting locations.

Noelene South East Asia

Sally Norfolk 2010

Well I discovered that dreams do come true. I googled SWT and was very impressed with their informative website set-up by their founder Hayley Morris. I was even more impressed by the trips offered; a mixture of weekend getaways and International holidays. I started with ‘baby steps’ and did a weekend away to Echuca, followed by a wonderful 8 Day holiday to Norfolk Island.

Sally Australia