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Your Award Winning Women's Tour Company. Interesting Itineraries Since 2005.

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Hi, hello, and welcome to the Sisterhood.

We are Sisterhood Womens Travel and we specialise in small group women-only adventures.

We believe the journey is just as good as the destination and although we create many tours each year, our passion extends far beyond our hand-crafted itineraries.

Since 2005, we have been creating small women-only tours around the world where our focus has been helping you create meaningful relationships through shared experiences.

When you join us, you’re more than just a number – you’re a sister. Through your Sisterhood journey, you’ll find a tribe of like-minded women to connect with long after you return home.

Our experienced Tour Hostesses provide a supportive, friendly and encouraging environment where women from all backgrounds turn from strangers to sisters. No age, background, or marital status is excluded – as long as you have a love for adventure, we will help you regain your wings so you can step into a new and confident you!

We are perfect for:

  • The woman who dreams of travelling the world but doesn’t have anyone to travel with.
  • The woman looking to experience solo travel for the first time but is afraid of flying the nest without a support network.
  • The woman who wants to build confidence and explore the world whilst doing so.
  • The woman who is too busy to book her own travel but wants the security and ease of knowing it is all booked and organised for her.
  • The woman who is so used to being so many things to so many others but dreams of living life on her terms, if only for a moment.

We don't just sell trips – we sell experiences.

Whether it’s dining on freshly-made pizza in the heart of Tuscany reminiscing about your youth, diving into the blue waters of the Aegean Sea in a swimsuit you haven’t worn for years or connecting with women who just get you, we guarantee you won’t leave your holiday without creating lasting friendships.

We're not just a booking agency - we're an Australian leader in inspirational, personal and experiential travel for women of all ages. Come and join our Community.

Our Address

Suite 1312A
401 Docklands Drive
Docklands Victoria 3008

Our Sisterhood Pledge

We are a community of women bound by a love of travel. Whilst our journey may not be the same, you pledge to encourage and support those around you.

You pledge to be a responsible tourist. You will leave nothing but footprints and take home only fantastic memories and photos.

Sometimes circumstances dictate unexpected changes. You pledge to delight in the good and accept those things you cannot change.

Sisterhood Women's Travel gives all travellers a sense of belonging and connection. You accept that every woman on tour has a right to feel safe and accepted.