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Great meals shared with friends!
Dinner in a Cellar - what a highlight!
What stunning views!
Fabulous scenery!
Plitvice Lakes has to be seen to be believed - simply stunning!
Sisterhood Shoe Brigade - a great boost to the local economy!
Rubbing shoulders with Croatian Movie Star Royalty!
Day trip to Pompeii - a real highlight!
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About the Author: Hayley Morris

The founder of Sisterhood Womens Travel and owner of an award winning travel agency - “I’ve been in travel for over 17 years and identified the need for a touring company to provide fully inclusive, interesting tours just for women". One of the things I love about travelling with a group of inspiring women is that we are all brought together to share a passion for travel and to see our amazing world in the company of friends, what better way to travel!

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