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Our Norfolk Island girls have made it home after a wonderful week and some unexpected adventures added in! The island is beautiful with an intriguing history, friendly locals, and the food is delicious. Throw in great company and you’ve got essential ingredients for a wonderful holiday. Many girls begin their Sisterhood journey with NI, and this trip was no different. The week started off slowly getting familiar with some of the significant features of the island and a beautiful relaxing afternoon at Emily Bay, where the girls swam, chatted, walked and relaxed under the famous Norfolk Pines.

We soon got into the laid back swing of island life, leaving doors unlocked and bags in the bus which is another lovely aspect, morning walks, and shopping despite the pretty packed itinerary! And cows have right of way which led to the occasional comedic standoff between bus and bovine!          

Jenny celebrated her birthday with new friends and a clifftop dining experience which was enjoyed by all.

Norfolk’s isolation extends to all things including phone services (can’t use your phone, even with all the prefixes), power (all generators), limited and  S L O W  internet which many see as a good opportunity to detox. Definitely pros & cons to that!

Weather chats became inevitable as we began to hear about something called “cyclone watch”. The locals were nonchalant, and we mused about the media beatup of Norfolk Islanders “bunkering down” ahead of Cyclone Gabrielle. Until Friday, there was very little evidence of anyone being proactive or even heeding warnings. Most insisted it would be another fizzer but when our return flights were cancelled Friday afternoon, things became more serious. We made sure we had plenty of stored water (no power = no water pumps), candles and snacks (which may have included cheese, wine, chocolate & twisties). Whilst it was scary not knowing what was to come, everyone who remained positive & upbeat. From Friday night till Sunday afternoon, we read, played games, talked and supported each other until finally the wind and rain ceased.  We breathed a huge sigh of relief and prepared for our return home where the airlines did their best to break us, but the spirit of sisterhood has bonds much stronger! On that note, I would like to acknowledge all the girls on tour who remained positive and supported each other throughout, particularly on the arduous return home. All in all, it was a very memorable trip for all the right reasons too!

Simonetta Seri – Tour Hostess

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The founder of Sisterhood Womens Travel and owner of an award winning travel agency - “I’ve been in travel for over 17 years and identified the need for a touring company to provide fully inclusive, interesting tours just for women". One of the things I love about travelling with a group of inspiring women is that we are all brought together to share a passion for travel and to see our amazing world in the company of friends, what better way to travel!

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