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Starting very early, we met for our Qantas flight to Norfolk Island; our discovery tour. A few of the women had travelled together with Sisterhood previously and it was lovely to have two sisters on tour. Otherwise, everyone else was meeting in person for the first time, all there in the spirit of fun and friendship. Flying far across the Pacific Ocean, we landed in a subtropical paradise with a unique culture, combining ancestors from the convict days, mutineers and local Polynesians. We heard many stories of adventure and survival as we walked through and around historic buildings and ruins. There were beautiful beaches at every turn and spectacular views from lookouts far out to sea. The iconic Norfolk Island pines set the scene as we drove around the island and walked through the cool of its forests. Eating fresh fish, local beef and seasonal fruit and veggies, we ate at the best restaurants, treated so well. Eight wonderful days with fabulous new friends to laugh and explore Norfolk Island with. What a wonderful holiday!

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The founder of Sisterhood Womens Travel and owner of an award winning travel agency - “I’ve been in travel for over 17 years and identified the need for a touring company to provide fully inclusive, interesting tours just for women". One of the things I love about travelling with a group of inspiring women is that we are all brought together to share a passion for travel and to see our amazing world in the company of friends, what better way to travel!

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