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A fabulous free & easy Bali with a group of women, many who started as strangers becoming good friends.  Wow, the stories on this tour and how special women were able to share life stories with others in a supportive and encouraging environment makes for an even better travel experience and one that only women travelling together can provide.  The beauty of Sisterhood Womens Travel.

The format of free & easy suits our Bali itinerary perfectly.  With a great balance of sightseeing options and the opportunity to take time out for yourself and explore at your own pace and leisure.

Our sightseeing included a visit to Tirta Empul to take part in a spiritual purification in the holy springs followed by a prayer ceremony where we were welcome by the locals.  The day before, we'd enjoyed making our own offerings and learning the meaning of all the beautiful contents.  Other sightseeing included the mystical Batakaru Temple where there was definitely magic in the air along with the intoxicating wafts of incense and a visit to Virgin Beach for a chance to relax, enjoy a beachside massage (one of the best I've ever had all for AUD6.00) and swim in the beautiful clear waters of Candi Dasa.

At the end of each night, we'd regroup at a different restaurant to share the day's experiences.  From shopping, eating, pampering and sightseeing there was always much to chat about, with some of us stopping in at the Why Not bar adjacent to our fabulously located Samhita Gardens to share a drink and celebrate the day.

Our Prana Spa pampering in Seminyak was divine (as always) and many other spas were enjoyed during our stay in Ubud.

For the more energetic sisters, we enjoyed the Campuhan Ridge Walk with views of the Ayung River and the Subak Juwuk Manis rice paddy walk at sunrise.

I will never tire of the beauty of Ubud, it's people, it's traditions and it's fabulous energy.


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The Sisterhood Womens Travel team consists of experienced tour hostesses with over 70 years combined travel experience throughout 5 continents and we can’t wait to share our passion for travel with you! There really is no better way to travel!

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