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The beauty and everchanging colours of Uluru has been adorning magazines, movies, and travel adverts for years all over the world but nothing prepares you for the sheer size of this huge monolith.  

Anangu the traditional people of the region have lived in around Uluru and Kata Tjuta for around 30,000 years. Uluru is a sacred site for the Anangu, and we all felt privileged to be visiting and learning about their culture. Our guides told us about the Tjukurpa stories which the elders pass onto the younger folk to help shape their characters and provide moral lessons to use in their everyday life.

Each time we visited Uluru we were in awe of the beauty, wild sparse landscape and the everchanging layers of colour from orange to red to purple. There are alot of tours offered in the red centre and we packed it in over our 4-day stay. The sisters enjoyed a Sunrise breakfast, the Sounds of Silence Dinner and the Field of Lights Tour all showcasing Uluru.

On the afternoon of our second day our guides Sylvia and Georgia met us at our hotel and transferred us out to Kata Tjuta, a towering collection of ancient orange-hued rock formations and a sacred site for the Anangu men. We enjoy a walk-up Walpa Gorge which is a natural creek bed that has carved its way between the two tallest domes of Kata Tjuta.

Our Kings Canyon tour began very early in the morning, as the return drive to Kings Canyon is 600km. We sit back and enjoy the comfort of the coach as we drive to the majestic and rugged Kings Canyon. On arrival our guides give us a couple of choices of activities. Most of the sisters choose to do the leisurely walk around the base of the canyon with a spectacular helicopter ride over Kings Canyon. Others choose to tackle the 3-hour Kings Canyon rim walk, a steep walk up to a lookout offering magnificent views down into Kings Canyon, the sandstone domes of the Lost City and the oasis of the Garden of Eden. We all meet back for a delicious lunch at the Kings Canyon Resort.

The next morning just before sunrise our van arrives and transfers us to the camel farm where we are introduced to our dromedary (one-humped) camels, they are all saddled up and patiently waiting for us. We are given instructions on how to mount these large animals and one by one the sisters swing their legs over the saddle and start to get acquainted with their travel buddies. The first thing I noticed was their beautiful eyes perfectly decorated by two rows of luscious eyelashes and their calm mannerism. As we ride off into the darkness l could hear laughter and squeals of delight among our group. Just as the sunrises we reach the crest of the hill where we witness Uluru in all its glory.

Every sister on this Uluru Outback trip were extraordinary women, they all supported and encouraged each other, they shared stories, they laughed and at night they danced like Priscilla Queens of the Desert.

Jenn Boyd – Tour Hostess

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