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This is one trip not to miss! From beginning to end, we were enthralled, in awe and truly amazed at what we saw and experienced. Cairo is a kaleidoscope of colour and aroma and an absolute hive of activity. From here we visited the gigantic and incredible Pyramids of Giza and were truly humbled at what was constructed over 4000 years ago by thousands of labourers, each pyramid taking approximately 20 years to build. From Cairo we cruised down The Nile and disembarked to visit amazing Temples, among them Temple of Karnak, Temple of Horus and Temple of Kom Ombo. The hieroglyphics in the tombs were just incredible and it was difficult to imagine just how old they are and how perfect and vibrant they look. Our Hot Air Balloon Ride over The Valley of The Kings and Queens was absolutely spectacular! On board, we gently cruised down the Nile and enjoyed watching farmers and locals getting on with daily lives. One of our highlights was a serene sail on a felucca to the magnificent Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan ( where Agatha Christie wrote Death on The Nile) and we were serenaded by a father on son in perfect harmony. The Afternoon Tea was delectable. We also spent a morning in Abu Simbel where the temple was moved from The Nile to dry land - a process which took many years and was aided by 42 countries in order to protect this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Listed Construction. It was just breath-taking. Our two day trip to the Sahara Desert was such an adventure where we drove in jeeps through The Black and White Deserts and spent a memorable evening sleeping under the stars while our Bedouins cooked and catered for us- it was truly fabulous. Part two of our trip was spent in Jordan where we were all utterly surprised at the influence of The Romans. There are magnificently preserved ruins in Jerash and Amman and we spent a day exploring these. Mt Nebo was a beautiful sight and we enjoyed Madaba and Karak. The Jewel in The Crown was undoubtedly Petra! Oh Wow Wow Wow! This place can only be seen to be believed - it is beyond your wildest dreams. We had two days to explore this and we did just that- partly on foot, horse, camel and donkey! We spent a wonderful evening dining in Little Petra in a cave that dates back to 200 years BC where we enjoyed delicious bedouin food. The final leg of our trip was at The Dead Sea where we rejuvenated, revitalised and relaxed in the therapeutic and healing mineral-rich waters of this Salty Sea. We had a lot of fun slapping mud on each other and trying to "sink" as our laughter resonated as far as Israel! We had a super bunch of women who embraced the challenges, adventures and culture with smiles and positivity and everyone encouraged each other along the way. Thank you all for an unforgettable experience and for your generosity of self and spirit! This is definitely one which should be up on top of or close to the top of every person's Bucket List. Denise Hostess

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