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Everyone deserves to take time out of their busy lives to relax, unwind and get back in touch with themselves. 

Our busy lives often prevent us from looking after the wellbeing of the most important person in your life - ourselves. 

A visit to Kamalaya Wellness Retreat in Koh Samui is a must do if you really want to concentrate on bringing out your better self with the gentle encouragment of yoga and meditation and a fabulous array of relaxing and holistic treatments. 

Forget technology including your phone, Ipad, computer etc and  - all of these are frowned upon - visiting Kamalaya is the one place you can truly escape these techno ties and concentrate on yourself.  

I first visisted Kamalaya in 2014 with my sister.  My second visit was with my group in September and it was so rewarding for me to see many of these women embrace their environment and take advantage of not only the included treatments but also seeing many of the visiting practitioners that are invited to Kamalaya to 'work their magic' so to speak.  With great success from many accounts. 

A free an easy itinerary, a little different from our usual tours, our time at Kamalaya was quite often solitary giving us time to reflect on things but with the option to catch up at lunch time or dinner time to share our day's experiences. 

Returning to Kamalaya in 2016, it will be a pleasure to introduce a new group of women who have not only come together to share in the joys of travel but to reconnect with themselves.

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About the Author: Hayley Morris

The founder of Sisterhood Womens Travel and owner of an award winning travel agency - “I’ve been in travel for over 13 years and identified the need for a touring company to provide fully inclusive, interesting tours just for women". One of the things I love about travelling with a group of inspiring women is that we are all brought together to share a passion for travel and to see our amazing world in the company of friends, what better way to travel!

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